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PolarClock3 for Snow Leopard

I’ve had some time this morning to wrap the screensaver up in something other than screentime, and it all works perfectly for me. My first delve into Cocoa. Thanks Si Heys for the code I needed for this.

Please have a go and let me know if it works ok on Snow Leopard, and also older OSes, if there’s problems, comment here, and I’ll try and rectify any issues.

You can download it here.

Wired article

Wired got in touch a while ago asking about the PolarClock, and I’ve finally seen the finished article, it looks great!

pic after the jump…

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Polar Clock update

I’m currently working on sorting some issues with the current release of the Polar Clock. From comments feedback, it seems be an issue that the processor is under heavy use when the clock is running. Hopefully this will be aided by the porting of the existing code to AS3.

I’m looking into the following:

Using Chromo™ colours
Adding an options panel to allow turning on/off a millisecond ring, choosing different colour schemes, and lastly, choosing a locale. Also making the logo fade out after a while.

I want to add as many languages as I can get together. Help from you out there would be great.
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Polar Clock Screensaver


Version 3 is now available here

View Polar Clock

Download Screensaver for Mac OS X only.

I’ve just put this together as a bit of a test of some drawing API extensions I wrote a while ago. All the shapes are drawn with code, corner rounding curves are achieved using the ‘capStyle’ argument when setting the lineStyle, easy as that! The colour of each ring is based on an HSL colourwheel.

Commodore 64 Music

I was looking about for a C64 soundtrack today, from Last Ninja, and I found this.

First, you need SIDPlay (Universal for OSX) (c64 music was stored as .sid files), then download the massive High Voltage SID Collection.

SIDPlay will export to MP3/AIFF and even C64 executables (PRG).

Brings back some memories!!