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Development with Mobile devices/VMs and local hosting

I’ve longed for a way to avoid having duplicate host files on all my virtual machines for a while now. And when I relalised there was is no way on iPad to modify hosts, I had to find a way. Here’s my solution, using a proxy on my host machine, and pointing iPad, mobile, and Virtual Box guest OSes to the proxy.
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New role at Digit!

After being freelance for the last 8 months, which has been pretty chaotic, I’ve accepted the position of “Senior Creative Technologist” at digit, a long established London agency.

It’s going to be a really interesting role for me, where I’ll carry on working with the Flash Platform (Flash, Flex, and hopefully some AIR apps), but also be involved in developing and designing physical interaction pieces using many technologies that I’ll be new to. Like Java, C#, mobile phone development, touch screens, motion sensors, whatever goes really. It’s going to be a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge.


I’ve just discovered this little app! All you do is drag a png onto it, and it strips all the Gamma information out of the PNG file, which happens to make the colours perfect in Flash, and also takes a lot off the filesize.

I just processed a background image that was 116Kb and it came out as 63Kb!!!

Download it here