Back from Flash on the Beach

photo by BIT-101
I got back from Brighton yesterday, exhausted after 3 days of excellent sessions and some heavy drinking sessions too!

The high points for me were Mario Klingemann’s “2D or not 2D, that is the question” talk about working with BitmapData. He showed how to make a “Magic Wand” tool a la photoshop. His process was impressive to say the least, and I’m very interested in playing with the paletteMap method of the BitmapData class.

The session from André Michelle was amazing, he demoed his PopForge sound synthesis engine. Generating sound entirely within flash at run-time. See the video below, this is all generated and manipulated in flash. It’s simply amazing, I can’t wait to get some time (after this post) to start messing around with sound in flash.

There were lots of other talks that were brilliant, Jared Tarbell, Eric Natzke, Craig Swann, they were all very inspiring to watch and listen to. I also went to a few more technical talks, Grant Skinner’s actionscript 3.0 talk was good, as was Ted Patrick’s Flex worst practices talk. Though I don’t use flex (well, rarely) it was still a good talk that highlighted some very important points about the development process for me.

I’ve just found some videos I filmed of André Michelle talking about popforge, see below

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